WURRLYedu is flexible. We use modular lesson plans that can be easily compressed or stretched to suit class schedules or student skill and
interest levels.
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General Music

General Music

Both standalone and sequenced lesson plans
for grades K–8.
Lesson plans that cover the seven core areas of
music: rhythm, harmony, melody, texture,
dynamics, form, and timbre.
Further lessons in instrumental playing,
composition, and social and emotional skills.
Make use of a music catalog of over 5000
Lesson plans aligned with national standards.
Games for students to practice their musical
skills in an engaging way.
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Modern Band

Lessons for beginners through to advanced
Sequences for guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and vocals.
Beginning sequences let students, regardless of instrument, learn the same songs so that they can form a band sooner.
Search the song catalog by the chords students know.
Adjust the key and speed to make songs easier.
Upload your own songs for students to learn, with timed lyrics and chords.
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Therapeutic Music Activities

Hundreds of lesson plans written by board-certified music therapists.
Activities for multiple age groups, from infants to adults.
Individual activities to help with early childhood development, learning disabilities, mental health, and early interventions.
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Foundational sequence on improvisation.
Backing tracks recorded by a live jazz ensemble.
Play along in any key or tempo.
Lessons from beginner through to advanced.
Analyze solos and advanced harmony.
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Lessons for Choir, Glee Club, musical theatre, or solo vocalists.
Warmups designed by top international vocal coaches.
Every song is available in any key, so you never have to compromise!
Upload songs from your own music collection and add timed lyrics.
Upload video tips so that you can share specific vocal parts then let students practice in context.
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See What The World Is Saying About Us

"WURRLYedu meets both the requirement for supporting arts education as part of a 'well-rounded education' and also meets the 'use of technology to support learning' requirements of Title IV."
Jack Mitchell
Educational Programs Consultant, California Department of Education
"We are honored to partner with WURRLYedu in these efforts as their innovative and forward-thinking approach to music education not only reflects the students' world today but makes learning fun and accessible."
Frank Machos
Executive Director of Arts, The School District of Philadelphia
“My students loved it... time with their peers, practicing singing with music they love... it was a great motivator!"
Albert Harrah
Modern Band Teacher
Dallas School District
"The recording feature gives a better means to assess students on their musicianship. WURRLYedu is a great way to incorporate technology in the music classroom."
Irineo Yanez
Beginner Guitar & Mariachi Teacher
Los Angeles Unified School District
"WURRLYedu has all of these gamified ways of practicing technique that are really cool, and that my daughter found really enriching and engaging... she was really hooked into practicing her scale! It was really great to see that self motivation and that inner drive to get better!"
Daniel Roederer
Father to a 9-year old
"I just want to make sure that you realize the impact your creation has on real lives. One seemingly little app can calm a frustrated mom by allowing her those 5 minutes to be her college dream version of herself again. One app can go in the car and provide sing along time with the kids. One app can be the bedtime accompaniment to sing your kids to sleep or sing them to sleep when you aren't home. It's so many things to our family in such a small amount of time."
Mother of 3 kids with autism
“WURRLYedu is an incredible app that... every music teacher stands to benefit from. [It] brings popular music to students in a way that’s immersive [and] creates an incredibly context rich environment to learn music, share music all in a safe classroom environment.”
Dave Wish
Founder & CEO
Little Kids Rock
"What appealed to us on WURRLYedu was the focus beyond just singing songs."
Kate Susskind
Founder of Steve & Kate's Camp
"WURRLYedu, a leading music education content platform, today announced the launch of new music and ear training games."
Ed Tech Review
In these times—in any time, really, but perhaps especially now—music is such a vital, therapeutic part of life. Here’s a very cool tool that helps with exactly that: WURRLYedu just announced the launch of a free web-based version of its popular music education program featuring real-time cloud-based recording
EdTech Digest
There are many online music education resources available to complement pod teaching including free video tutorials from WURRLYedu that will inspire kids to sing, play, practice along to, and record their favorite songs. For any teacher or a parent looking for arts activities for their pod, check out our resources including modules and lesson plans (many of which are self-directed) on WURRLYedu.
Thrive Global
WURRLYedu, offers content and digital tools to make music education fun and effective. WURRLYedu is currently used in 22 states and some of the largest school districts in the country. Because music makes us feel, it is uniquely capable of developing social and emotional skills in kids
WURRLyedu is a website AND app that not only is one of the easiest pieces of elementary music technology I’ve ever used. It seriously is so much fun and every child who comes through your classroom doors will love to sing!
Domestic Musician
“The art of the lip sync has had profound impact on the state of our...ok no, but dammit is lip synching fun.”
Tech Crunch
"WURRLYedu meets both the requirement for supporting arts education as part of a 'well-rounded education' and also meets the 'use of technology to support learning' requirements of Title IV."
Educational Programs
California Department of Education
"WURRLYedu meets both the requirement for supporting arts education as part of a 'well-rounded education' and also meets the 'use of technology to support learning' requirements of Title IV."22
Educational Programs
California Department of Education
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