WURRLYedu Camp Packages

Enjoy the complete and intuitive camp music package! Make music fun for kids of all ages with relevant pop culture inspired content! Rock out to your favorite hits and learn to sing, play and dance to today's hottest artists.

Camp Activities

Music Basketball Challenge: Warm up and dribble to the beat of the music. See who's listening by speeding up, slowing down, or pausing (they should pause too!) Last person standing wins!

Freestyle Track / Improv Exercise: Campers will be asked to come up with an improvised song while a freestyle track is played.

Daily Talent Contest: Campers simply choose a song, customize the key and speed if desired, then record for their chance to win! Can be either staged or in a room or out and about!

Dance-Off: Campers will split into groups and select their own song on WURRLYedu and choreograph a performance within their groups.

Build a Band: All campers enter an audition video through WURRLYedu and find bandmates. Practice and rehearse using the WURRLYedu Camper App.

Lip Sync Battle: Campers will select a song to perform in front of their class as a lip sync presentation. The goal is to use body language and non-verbals to communicate the performance.

What's Your Theme Song?: Campers discuss their favorite theme songs, then write and perform their own based around their personality.

High Score Mondays: Campers will compete for the day/week to beat the highest scores in the WURRLYedu games.


Counselor Portal

Flexible lesson plans! Find specific activities based off of keywords, genre, or skill level.

Extensive music catalog! Pick from thousands of songs to teach your campers, with the ability to change key and speed to fit the campers' needs. You also have the option to upload your own music!

Assignment creation! Create activities for your campers, linking specific songs or video tips.

Camper App

Culturally relevant content! Campers can learn from songs they love, using animated and timed chords and lyrics, as well as adjustable key, speed, and instruments.

Learn while recording! Campers can complete tasks, manage their recordings, and enhance their experience using audio/video filters.

Share and inspire! Campers have the option to share their recordings with other campers, as well as maximize collaboration!


  Complete WURRLYedu Camper App & Counselor Portal
Single Counselor Account / Single Site
200 Camper App Accounts
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3 Month License
Complete WURRLYedu Camper App & Counselor Portal
Multi Counselor Account / Single
5,000 Camper App Accounts
Online Training
Add Dedicated Curricula
3 Month License
Complete WURRLYedu Camper App & Counselor Portal
Multi Counselor Account / Multi
20,000 Camper App Accounts
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Water Bottle & Drum Sticks for 100 Campers
3 Month License

What Our Educators Have to Say

"My students loved it... time with their peers, practicing singing with music they love... it was a great motivator!"

Albert Harrah
Modern Band Teacher, Dallas School District

"WURRLYedu is an incredible app that... every music teacher stands to benefit from."

Dave Wish
Founder & CEO of Little Kids Rock

What appealed to us on WURRLYedu was the focus beyond just singing songs...

Kate Susskind
Founder of Steve & Kate's Camp

"A very useful tool for my music classroom."

Cynthia Christensen
Music Teacher, Fort Morgan Middle School

"Very engaging for my students."

Caryn Feder
Music Teacher, East Newark Public School

"WURRLYedu is an interactive app that gives students the opportunity to play along with professional recordings. The recording feature gives a better means to assess students on their musicianship. Students have an interactive experience while learning music. WURRLYedu is a great way to incorporate technology in the music classroom."

Irineo Yanez
Beginner Guitar & Mariachi Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

"WURRLYedu is going to change the way we teach music. As a teacher I have the ability to set my students up with a program that will make their practicing exponentially  more productive while at the same time making it more fun. This was the product I used to dream I had available to me as a student, and now I can’t imagine not having it as a teacher."

Ivan Johnson
Jazz Band Teacher, Oakwood

"WURRLYedu is an engaging platform that inspires creativity and confidence within my students."

Marcus Petitt
General Music Teacher, St. Anastasia Catholic School

"A great way for my staff to find new and exciting ways to engage their students."

Joelene Walker
Principal, Ethical Culture Fieldston School

"I can already see my students having fun and being more engaged using WURRLYedu"

April Williamson
Music Teacher, The School District of Philadelphia

"I'm so excited to be part of WURRLYedu! It greatly enhances the music learning atmosphere."

Helene Furlong
Music Teacher, The School District of Philadelphia

"We are honored to partner with WURRLYedu in these efforts as their innovative and forward-thinking approach to music education not only reflects the students' world today but makes learning fun and accessible."

Frank Machos
Executive Director of Arts, The School District of Philadelphia

"The ability to have my students record their work and keep a running log of their progress makes a huge difference."

Jerry Fluellen
General Music Teacher, The School District of Philadelphia

"This is totally awesome. Students love the idea of making music videos."

Darrel Marsh
Music Teacher, The School District of Philadelphia

"Works very well with my guitar modern band classes."

Abram Taber
Lead Band Teacher, The School District of Philadelphia

"WURRLYedu meets both the requirement for supporting arts education as part of a 'well-rounded education' and also meets the 'use of technology to support learning' requirements of Title IV."

Jack Mitchell
Educational Programs Consultant, California Department of Education